About our company__

Pabna Meat is committed to cater the domestic consumer with it’s Quality meat & meat Products it the needs of consumer.

Pabna Meat is the 2nd Supplier of Quality, Halal & Hygienic Normal Meat and Processed Meat & Meat Products in Bangladesh. The Industry is situated Adzacent to Dhaka city. It is situated at Nolbough Khalper (Near sector-12), Uttara, Dhaka-1230. At Present it is a Quality, Halal & Hygienic Normal Meat and Processed Meat & Meat Products Produce only for Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet City. It’s Production System and Mechinaries are world class.

What is HALAL…?

The Arabic word Halal means lawful. In the Holy Quran, Allah commands Muslims and all of mankind to eat of the Halal things. Among the many veres of the Quran convery this message, here is one:

“O Mankind Eat of that which is lawful and wgilesome in the earth, and follow not the footsteps of the devil. Lo! he is and open enemy for you (2:168)”

  • Animals such as cows, sheep etc, are also HALAL, but they must be Zabihah (slaughtered according to islamic Rites) in order to be suitable for consumption. The procedure is as follows:
  • The animal must be slaughtedred by a Muslim.
  • The animal should be put down on the ground (or held it if it is small) and it’s throat should be sit with a very sharp knife to make sure that the six main blood passages are cute while cutting the throat of the animal (without servering it) to insure proper bleeding.
  • The person must pronounce the name of Allah or recite a blessing which contains the anme of Allah, such as “Bismillah Allah-hu Akbar”.
  • All Halal Ingredients should be used while processing the meat products and while its being packaged.

“Halal is a way of life of 90% Bangladesh & many around the world. Pabna Meat is committed to 100% Halal meat and meat products following all the directions of proper Halal prepartation.”